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Building the next generation of games


About Us

Second Legion Studios: a (1) technology forward (2) game studio with a focus on (3) blockchain innovation based out of (4) Atlanta, GA.



Technology forward
We obsessively build the technical solutions to solve some of the hairiest challenges in the gaming industry. Our solutions enable game developers to capitalize on the Play-to-Earn generation of games - the next innovative business model in gaming.



Game Studio
We’re building games! Fun games, challenging games, games that our players love.



Blockchain Innovation
To us, blockchain is not a buzzword we casually toss around to get attention. It is at the core of all of our game and tech solutions. Blockchain technology is the backbone of our games and will be the backbone of the Play-to-Earn games of the future.



Based in Atlanta
Don’t sleep on Atlanta! Sure, we have great weather, amazing barbecue and the best team in the MLS. But we’re also a growing hub of technology innovation - including blockchain technology.




Caesar’s Triumph: A game of economic, military and political strategy.

The setting is Ancient Rome. The objective is to conquer Europe and rule the empire. Caesar’s Triumph takes the best in resource-production games and combines them with the best in strategic conquest games to create a mega-world of economic, political, and military strategy.

Caesar’s Triumph delivers unique gaming features made possible with blockchain technology:

  • The first ERC-998 composable tokens in gaming, key to future blockchain gaming 

  • The first ERC-1538 upgradeable smart contracts for use in continuous development and rapid iterations of products

  • Always liquid, no counterparty market smart contract, with extensible use for commodities, trading, and sports betting.

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We’re forming the Legion

You should connect with us if you’re:

  • A gamer: We’re forming THE FIRST LEGION - a community that will shape the future of Second Legion games. More info coming soon.

  • A game company: We’ll help you make your next game blockchain ready. Our solutions can seamlessly integrate blockchain capabilities into your game.

  • Interested in working with us: Over the coming months, we’ll be building out the Legion - a team of game designers, developers, artists and more.

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